Peter Turner

PhD Candidate

Current Research Interests

I am interested in improving our understanding of the dynamic interactions occurring between the Earth's surface and the atmosphere relating to climate change. These systems are closely coupled and require a multidisciplinary approach to fully appreciate their complexity. I am particularly interested in how greenhouse gas emissions and nutrient cycles are effected by land-use change and other anthropogenic drivers and the associated feedbacks from these forcings.

My dissertation focuses on:

  1. Reconciling N2O emission budgets using stream order scaling
  2. Understanding the spatial uncertainty in field-scale agricultural N2O fluxes using a remote sensing and geostatistical modeling approach
  3. Estimating the effects of a leguminous companion crop on agricultural N2O loss as a N2O mitigation tool
  4. Predicting the effects of climactic change on N2O emissions using large climate-controlled mesocosms
  5. Constraining the key drivers of aquatic N2O flux to identify "hotspots" and improve the spatial resolution of N2O emissions using geostatistical models.


photo of Peter Turner