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Descriptions for the tools are listed below the download link table.

Download Link Last Update Size Platform Independent
(unless otherwise noted)
bdt.m 01/12/2011 363 kB  
BDT_Filters.m 01/12/2011 6 kB  
logindlg.m 01/12/2011 8 kB 01/12/2011 372 kB 06/03/2008 243 kB  
MCRInstaller.exe 02/08/2007 146 MB Windows XP, 2000, NT, Vista
db_query.m 01/21/2009 19 kB  
dbmanager.m 01/12/2011 19 kB  
insert2.m 06/18/2007 9 kB  
insert3.m 05/09/2008 10 kB  
Template Database 01/12/2011 120 kB Windows 01/12/2011 4 kB  
tga_status.m 07/11/2008 2 kB  
tga_status_message.m 07/11/2008 3 kB


stitch_ECFlux_Matlab (R script) 07/08/2016 12 kB

R Core Development Team

Biomet Database Tool (BDT)

Change Log

Desription: BDT is a tool that can be used to load, analyze, and visualize data from databases and other data files (.mat or text). Funding has been providedby the US Department of Energy USDOE-TCP Grant #DE-FG02-03ER6384 (T.J. Griffis and J.MBaker) and the National Science Foundation Career Award, NSF-ATM-0546476 (T.J. Griffis).

BDT comes in two forms, m-file and compiled versions. Both are provided here. The compiled version does require the Matlab runtime environment to run (download MCRInstaller.exe - 146 MB) and the 32-bit version of Matlab for Windows. The compiled version has been compiled in Matlab 7.4 (R2007a) using version 4.6 of the compiler. The runtime environment is common to all compiled Matlab functions so if you have already installed it or have the compiler you do not have to install it again (unless using an out of date version).


  • Matlab 7.0+
  • Database Toolbox (for database related functions)
  • logindlg.m (for restricted or non-ODBC databases)
  • Windows XP/NT/Vista or Mac OS X or Linux
  • MySQL or Microsoft Access databases (32-bit Windows required for MS Access databases)

The requirements listed are what BDT was tested on. Older versions of Matlab and other operating systems may very well work but they have not been tested.

Biomet Database Tool screen shot

BDT Filters (BDT_Filters.m)

Description: BDT_Filters.m is a file which contains all the filters used in BDT's Filter sutility. Directions and examples for creating/adding your own functions/filters can be found by typing 'help BDT_Filters' into the command prompt or editing the file.

Login Dialog (logindlg.m)

Description: logindlg is used by BDT, though is not restricted to use by BDT only, to get login information for locked databases. The password field replaces everything typed with asterisks for visual security.

Login Dialog tool screen shot

Database Manager (dbmanager.m)

Description: The Database Manager is a tool which allows the user to simply create new databases, tables, and columns as well as add data. It comes in both m-file and compiled versions.


  • Database Toolbox (m-file version only)
  • insert2.m (m-file version only, ODBC)
  • insert3.m (m-file version only, MySQL databases)
  • Template.mdb (both versions)

Database Manager tool screen shot

Database Query Tool (db_query.m)

Description: The Database Query Tool is a versatile function for integrating database into your scripts and functions while avoiding many of the complexities of database queries (such as SQL statements).


  • Database Toolbox

TGA Status Scripts

Description: tga_status.m converts TGA 100A Status values into binary values where each number in the binary number represents a unique error. tga_status_message.m uses tga_status.m to convert the decimal status code into a plain English error message.